Sunday, October 15, 2006

feedback from clients

It's always helpful to me when I hear back from couples after the wedding festivites are over. In fact, I often solicit feedback on what they like and did not like from our photo sessions. This really helps me understand wedding clients and how to best serve them.

Imagine my delight at receiving a handmade card, using an image from the wedding, from my super-creative bride Peicha and her husband Mark...

[click image for more photos from their wedding]

Dear Rachel -

Where to begin? When I first saw your work, it was beautiful, but who could have known that you would give us such an incredible portfolio of wedding photos? We are so blown away by the quality and beauty of your work. Our family and friends are wowed by the unique quality, and we are more than thrilled by our entire experience working with you. We had so much fun taking pictures, and it shows through so perfectly in your techniques. Everybody commented on how much they enjoyed "working" with you (so to speak) - from blowing bubbles to jumping in high heels!

We were so lucky to have a photographer of your caliber for our big day. Most people don't believe when we tell them you've just recently turned professional. We plan to continue spreading the word about you. Count us among your biggest fans! We look forward to seeing your work online, and perhaps will meet again... keep up the amazing work!

Peicha and Mark

Wow. I feel honored and humbled by these words. It means a lot to me to have clients who want something a little bit different and who are willing to have fun with the photos! Thank you so much, Peicha and Mark.

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