Friday, November 03, 2006

and baby makes two

Now that the wedding season has calmed down, I have some time to go back and finish the work with headshots and engagement photos that has piled up. This morning I finally had a chance to sort through the maternity photos from my session in NYC with Erin, and tonight I hope to get through some headshots and engagement photos.

For Erin's session, we were in her apartment in Brooklyn, New York. It was a sunny Saturday morning and I had just driven from Boston. Large by NYC standards, the space was decently lit but full of stuff. One of the important things when photographing people is to find a background that will be uncluttered -- you don't want extra stuff distracting from the subject.

The solution? I had noticed on the way up that her stairs and hallways were in the middle of being repainted and had a lovely urban bright blue roughness to them. That's the blue you see in two of these photos. Another way we worked around this was to have her sit or lounge on her couch and bed and for me to shoot from above. This had a nice effect.

Erin is a beautiful woman who knows how to dress well. She naturally slid into many of the "modeling" poses I would have otherwise asked her to do. It was a pleasure to photograph the two of them :)

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