Thursday, January 04, 2007

will stop for brightly painted walls

Around Christmas, I stayed with a friend whose apartment was near an area in Dallas with a bunch of second-hand and antique shops with one particularly drool-inducing green wall. Finally, we planned a stop on last day and took some photos.

I will stop the car to take photos of whomever I am with in front of any interesting walls I find. In fact, as we're driving around Boston I actually take note of the closest intersection to any cool-looking wall. I love photographing couples with a subtle background punch.

After this recent nation-wide trip, I discovered places I would take my hypothetical nation-wide clients for our sessions... Dallas' Deep Ellum district, Cleveland's Warehouse District, and New York's Upper West Side and West Village area.

Now all I need are more clients in Dallas, Cleveland, and Manhattan!

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