Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boston Photographer

Boston, as a city filled with so many colleges and universities (as well as a whole load of cultural institutions) naturally rises a small army of talented, intelligent individuals in any given area. We have world-class medical facilities, world-reknown educational institutions, and artists who are drawn to life in a city where so much action happens.

This morning I had an opportunity to meet and get to know another local photographer a little bit. Margaret Singer is another highly creative visual artist rising up in the New England wedding photography industry. (And yes, her hair really is as wonderful and funky as it looks in her bio.) Together we decided that we'd love to connect with other peer photographers in the Boston area to have a bit of community and share info and techniques. We want to represent a rising class of photographers who give amazing imagery combining fashion and emotion and real life people.

If you're a photographer who might be interested in getting together on a somewhat regular basis, please email me!

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