Monday, April 30, 2007

freedom to do...

"I work best when given total freedom."

I thought that was a cheeky thing to say when I read it on another photographer's website. I know from experience that yes, wedding and portrait clients hire you for your specific style and personality, but total freedom is not something most brides planning a wedding want to just hand over to someone they just met!

But I have to admit that the times when a couple has told me "we're up for anything - just do your thing!" the photos have moved beyond great and into the realm of amazing. (If I do humbly submit.)

Yesterday's engagement photo session with Rachel and David was exactly that. I had some ideas in mind about a couple of places in Dallas where it would be good to photograph, and they were literally up for anything! David even agreed to stand on his head if necessary.

And when I got home, I could not help but process through the photos immediately. It was that exciting.

Rachel is taking a ballroom dance class, David is too busy for it so she is teaching him everything!

This is a new photo idea I came up with when working with these two.
Freedom is the fuel for creativity!


dogfaceboy said...

When you hire someone who is an expert, you should expect to hand over control. My design clients will often ask me to do something I think is unattractive or ineffective, I will say so. I reiterate that I'm the expert they hired. I've only lost one client that way, and it was a relief.

I wouldn't dare tell my electrician how to wire my house or my plumber how to fix the toilet. Why do people presume that the arts are different?

The statement may be bold, but it's right on.

Lovely work, by the way.

rachel said...

Thanks, dogfaceboy. I think you make some really good and bold points! I need to be even more "who I am" with people or I might as well keep the day job!!