Sunday, April 15, 2007

I love daytime weddings!

Yesterday I had the privilige of second shooting for Margaret Singer, another local wedding photographer who looks and shoots as close to rock star as you're gonna get in Boston. I am amazed by her ability to stand back and let a couple and family do as they will... you wonder what she's even photographing... and then you see her work and you are amazed.

I really appreciate the chance to second shoot at a wedding because it gives me a chance to learn from another artist, work independently on the things I enjoy photographing (in this wedding, it was the kids who won my heart), and to take things a little less intensely than when I am trying to direct a family how to stand... a second shooter gets to capture the otherwise unseen moments.

Here are a few images from the wedding of Juliet & Kevin that I absolutely love.

Meet Connor. The smallest little man in a suit you will ever find.

Rebecca, the oldest flower girl and Keeper of the Veil.

matron of honor, and mother of two beautiful ringbearers

Clarissa and Connor having a heated discussion on the window seat.

This is the kind of image you simply can't set up. You see it and you drop everything in order to get in a place to capture without letting them know you are there.

The wedding was held at the Hampshire House in downtown Boston, located right across from the Public Gardens. It was a simply spectacular location for a wedding. Boston brides, if you're having a daytime indoor wedding and looking for a location, this one can't be beat. Even though the skies were gray there was so much light coming in all of the windows, and the place was so impeccably furnished, everything looked photogenic and historic without being run-down. Additionally, their wedding coordinator Michelle was fantastic. You can tell she must love her job.

The last image I have for you is a detail shot. A simple wine glass, empty and alone.

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Margaret Singer said...

These are so gorgeous! I need to give you some props on my are FANTASTIC and we need to collaborate more.