Monday, May 14, 2007

trash that dress?

My colleague and fellow freelancer Gwyneth just posted about this, and I am so excited I wanted to share.

I'm slightly obsessed with Target... I love the quality of their products, seasonal hipness, and affordable pricing. And, did you ever notice that they don't play ANY background music? I actually read a book about the store's philosophies once, and they wanted to create pleasant space where people could hear themselves think.

Well, now they have wedding dresses! I know that might seem a bit hideous to some of you, and I certainly can't vouch for the quality or construction of these dresses, but for someone who wants to tailor an off-the-rack dress to their own specifications, this might be just the thing!

Target Bridal

Also, I've decided to offer a free session for any couple who are willing to trash the wedding dress in a photo session post-wedding (rolling around on the beach, frolicking through the woods, hanging out on the T....). This is open to current clients, and also anyone you know who was married in the last year or so and would have fun doing photos again!

Email me if you're interested.

ALSO, the other day I watched the most romantic movie I have seen in awhile. I thought it had potential to be kind of cheesy but I got it from the library and gave it a try. Have you seen The Notebook? Though at first I thought it might be a movie that only women might [steareotypically] enjoy, I have now rethought that because I think men can identify with the leading character.

One last shout-out is to the couple I recently met who found one another through Craigslist. I think that's really cool, and I admire their "why not?" attitude, even back then when online dating was not yet the norm.

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