Thursday, May 17, 2007


I like it when I get emails like this:

I found your blog quite by accident, but I think I've scrolled through over a year's worth, just looking at the photographs! I am not getting married any time soon, but when I do, I want my pictures to look like that :). So yes, I think you're awesome, and I figured I'd write and tell you that.


And of course I love hearing back from recent clients:

Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to tell you how much we love the pictures we've seen so far. Seeing ourselves on your blog was really exciting too! We really enjoyed working with you and your assistants. You were so easy to get along with and you managed to get great shots without being underfoot. Bravo! We're so glad you enjoyed yourselves; we certainly did! Let me know when we'll be able to see the rest of the pictures. I can't wait!!!


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