Monday, July 09, 2007

busy and rainy

I had a first yesterday - Laura, Eric and I got caught in a sudden squall and our session on Castle Island was cut short. Now, I have certainly had sessions rescheduled due to rain but never abruptly ended because of the weather!

This photo was taken moments before the downpour soaked us all....

If you're wondering about the post-processing, I treat each couple or client as a separate venture. Your personality, the environment and mood of our session, and of course the way I am feeling on a particular day of processing means that you're going to get some cool stuff. Each custom image set delivery is its own adventure! Thanks to you recent couples who have been graciously waiting to see the results.

in the queue:

Rebecca & Josh
Diana & Micah
Craig & Erin
Meredith & Kevin
Christine & Greg
Laura & Eric


Renata said...

How did you get those gorgeous blues?? That picture is incredible. Tell me it's a Photoshop trick I can reproduce, rather than a photography/camera effect that I leave to my betters :).

rachel said...

Hi Renata, a lot of the blue came from the photo (set in front of the water, a lot of sky, right before a heavy rain) but I also used Adobe Camera Raw to enhance the shadows and change the temperature of the colors a bit to enhance the silhouette effect.