Thursday, July 26, 2007

Laura & Eric - engagement session

This was a photo session unlike any other. We had planned to meet at Castle Island, a part of South Boston I am completely unfamiliar with but thrilled to discover. After finally finding one another in the blazing hot summer weather, we set off to find some interesting spots and had a session punctuated with a huge steamer coming by just off the coastline.

Eric was a bit of a tough sell. Difficult to impress, he's the kind of engineer that is done with a photo session after about five photos have been taken ("don't we have enough yet?"). But paired with Laura, a veterinary practitioner (?) who I bonded with over the threadless t-shirt she wore to our meeting, kept him sufficiently whimsical for the rest of our session until the some sort of nor'easter drenched us all and we went home.

Thanks for driving out from Connecticut, Laura and Eric. It was fun to meet you both.

[ more select photos from our session here ]


Ren said...

I don't know if you've been to Georges Island (another harbor island), but that was a spot I thought you'd enjoy too. It's another way-open, "rustic" fort.

rachel said...

hey ren! that's a good suggestion. I have heard about it. maybe our next modeling session we could go out there...