Monday, July 16, 2007

safe. home.

Life in Ohio is good and sweet today.

Today my dear friend Sarah took me to a "cheese chalet" in amish country where visitors can sample over fifty kinds of fresh cheeses. on our way to and from this charming location she was kind enough to let me hang out of her car with a camera and discreetly photograph amish drivers, who seemed to be out and about in abundance today.

After some downtime (Craig and Erin, your wedding photos look SUPER!) we came back and dug potatoes and gathered ears of corn for dinner. Actually pulling potatoes out of the ground was not only novelty, but also a learning experience. And it's not even that difficult.

I got to meet the sheep today. They really are a dumb herd animal. And I did some more of my sun flare color stuff to them to make them more interesting.

I love being in a place as calm and natural and unrushed as this house out in the country. Life is finally starting to feel right again.

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