Sunday, July 15, 2007

updates turns out that if you spill water into your expensive laptop, then take out the battery and let it sit there for two days without touching it, the keyboard works again. note to self.

I am fairly excited about the prospect of photographing this guy who makes brilliant comics. I saw him and his BFF /webmaster give a presentation at MIT and it was funny, smart, and clever. So now I want to take an afternoon and photograph them having an adventure. I think that should happen at the end of August before school starts again.

Finally, I am in a new and wonderful location in Ohio, at a friend's house that is so far out there, in a township that ends in 'ville (one that Mapquest can't even really locate) where the corn grows high, the streets aren't necessarily paved, and cows low deep into the night. It's weird but I am in a bit of bliss... the wide open landscapes, greens, and obvious "wholesomeness" of this place put me in a deep state of calm.

I mean, tonight our salad was made from lettuce grown in the garden of a neighbor.


gwynethcolleenphotography said...

SHUT UP! you get to shoot the xkcd guy?

estoy TAN celosa.

(that means: i am SO jealous. [that i clearly cannot express it in english])

rachel said...

I don't know yet. He's being kind of vague. But yes, I hope to.

Anonymous said...

People who read xkcd will be meeting up in September. I think since the creator's moving to the Boston area, people are hoping he'll show. More details here.