Thursday, August 02, 2007

a couple of promotions

Some of you might not know about a couple of promotions I have for clients.

1) babies & bellies!!! I waive session fees on both maternity and newborn sessions within two years of the wedding date - to those of you who get a quick start on building a family.

2) celebrate the dress! For those of you clients unwilling to quite "trash" your wedding dress, I am offering a no fee urban session where we bring you into the city for fashion-girl styling. That dress really does deserve more photos. I mean, really.

3) boudoir. C'mon ladies, you know you want to try this.

I offer these promos because I LOVE MY CLIENTS. Not every wedding photographer wants to continue the relationship, but I feel blessed that those of you who have chosen to work with us have had such exciting lives, funky personalities, and quirky wedding details that I want to share a bit more of life with you!

Send off an email to me... to schedule a session or discuss your crazy dress locations.

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