Sunday, August 26, 2007

in love in words

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In other news, Suzanna, Eric, and her parents read this poem together at their Cleveland Playhouse wedding. It was written and published in a book by her mother, who goes by seacrane.


Let's go sailing, you and I -
I've heard there is a constellation
Called Ursa Major of the Great Bear
Or the Big Dipper -
We can find the North Star from there
And feel its magnetism draw --
We can fit inside, you and I,
And you can stand up front
And tell us where we're going
And I'll lean back and hold the handle.

I row and row and row
You do not know
The pull of sinews on my chest
Or know I ache for rest

Let's go flying you and I,
Somewhere out toward the Milky Way--
There are some stars out there, they say,
ut I would like to see myself
In one of those reflections,
As when I look at you
I see myself falling in love.

I spread my wings to carry you
At dawn I fling The sun across
The face of continents
To see it light your eyes;
You take your ease and gaze at stars.

Let's go running, you and I --
I will bring the bag of water
And you the air for breathing
And when the sun comes up on us,
We'll make a date
To skate the curve of rainbows
To find the golden ends.

Now you're dancing rainbows;
Have you no shame or pain?
And don't you know
The road you're tripping on,
The roller skates you think to ride,
Are greased with sweat and grit and toil?

Let's go walking, you and I --
You can take the cane
And I your arm
We'll stroll out in the evening
To see the sun go down
And meeting strangers,
Invite them in for tea
We will not have to talk
Except for company.

Your face grows old the way the grape
Grows withered on the vine,
But in your eyes the light's as fine
As on the day your smile was born
As when I saw you naked splashing
In a mountain stream
Before your Rites of Spring..

Let's go sleeping, you and I --
My limbs twisted with yours
My blood beating yours, bone and sinew,
Flesh and skin, entwining and vining,
Like ivy tendrils making love.

Making love, making love--
The heat of you
Is like the planets in collision,
Suns and stars exploding
Into constellations,
Galaxies and universes.

Let's go dying, you and I--
Each to live in each and for each,
Each to give love, and receive love,
Each to reach love and to teach
A tale of male and female merging
At the point of no returning
Where another child is born.

Let's go sailing, you and I--
Flying, running, walking, sleeping,
Dying loving, reaching, teaching;
You can stand up front
And tell us where we're going,
And I'll lean back and hold the handle.

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