Sunday, August 19, 2007

ketubahs rock.

Mirah and Matan celebrated the covenant of their betrothal and marriage in a joy-filled party on an herb farm this afternoon.

Today's wedding assignment took me on the least well-maintained roads Massachusetts has to offer; two hours from Boston is Hartman's Herb Farm in Barre. The place has goats, chickens, one big fat sheep, and apparently a huge pig somewhere. Flowers and herbs are cultivated and maintained in fields and greenhouses, a nice function room for the reception, and luckily the weather stayed perfect for the outdoor ceremony.

Things I love about Jewish celebrations: a beautiful ketubah being signed, music and singing and dancing, and rich brocaded old traditions such as the bride and groom literally running out from the ceremony to take some time alone together before visiting with their guests.

more info on Yichud
[via Mirah]

Finally, a shout out to the Boston-based musicians of Seven Times Salt, who provided a blend of renaissance and jewish traditional music. it rocked! if you're looking for something a little bit different, but still extremely beautiful... I like to call their kind renaissance-funky. these guys are no hacks. you should check them out for your wedding music. you can check their skill -- they have mp3 samples on their website.

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