Friday, August 03, 2007


Now that I am an indiebride myself, it's only appropriate that the first book I read after becoming affianced is Arial Meadow Stallings' "Offbeat Bride." Excerpts like this make me laugh:

"Although brides are constantly told that offbeat weddings will offend family members and freak people out, it seems like the more untraditional the wedding, the better the attendance. After all, who wants to go to another wedding where you can practically recite the ceremony from memory ("Ooh, here comes Corinthians!"), and where you know exactly what comes next? People love a good show, and maybe it's even true that the traditional family members are looking forward to the delicious sensation of being really offended. You know, like picking a scab; they have to go see what those degenerate kids are doing now." (147-148)

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