Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rachel & David - the first glance

Here are a couple of teaser images from Rachel & David's super meaningful Dallas ceremony.

One of the things that made this wedding extra special is that four of their friends played french horn quartet music that David had written for Rachel as she processed down the aisle (they were both french horn players in high school).

The other thing that I adored about them is that they agreed to do photos together before the ceremony. Even though we shocked some grannies by bucking the even more traditional Dallas wedding culture, the result was that the two of them elected to have some time completely alone. You can see what's happening by the looks on their faces... so much more personal, intimate, and special than in front of everyone else in the middle of a ceremony!

I was extremely honored to be a part of this moment (I was shooting from far away with a long lens so I couldn't hear what they were saying to one another!!!) and I hope that many more couples choose to take this time before the craziness of a ceremony begins!

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