Monday, August 20, 2007

the shoe project

the shoe project is a really interesting perspective - the photographer took photos of the subject's head, and then their feet. very expressive.

Ruthie and Ren... your photos from our dual bridal session photo session in June are FINALLY available for a peek. Click an image to see.

Finally, tomorrow I am meeting Peicha and Mark, one of my fabulous couples from last year, to do "FEARLESS BRIDALS" involving their cats, their motorcycles, and a whole lotta funky attitude. You can be sure those photos will be around here soon!


Margaret Singer said...

Wish I could've made it today! I bet that was a sight to see. Also, I just "tagged" you on my blog. Did you notice?

Ruthie said...

Thanks for making the photo session so much fun! We had a blast (and my dress was not even dirty afterwards). Amazing!

Ren said...

Definitely a great time! Thanks so much :)