Thursday, August 09, 2007

a thursday wedding extraordinaire

Misha's is a DC area coffeeshop that likes to display photos of people with their cup in different locations

Today I photographed my first Thursday wedding. I hope this is not the only one I ever photograph - there's just something special about people who choose days other than Saturdays. It's like saying "this is worth taking an extended weekend for."

Suzanna and Eric were married today at the Cleveland Playhouse. The venue is as unique as they are. The old building with wonderful architectural elements used to employ Eric, who is now an architecture student. Suzanna the orchestra director had local children and friends providing the ceremony music, and they were married under a chupa.

So many reasons to love this couple....

funky and bold dress - the bright blues they used to work with the playhouse colors really worked perfectly

extreme JP: had a tattoo on his head
(I kept trying to take photos of him, but I think he was avoiding me)

unique rings

I can't believe I actually got this shot! I was experimenting and actually sitting at the back corner of the aisle with a short lens and panning with them as they walked down the aisle.

check out the hilarious friends. this is the best and most unplanned bridal party shot I have had, ever.
this image is way better bigger. click on it to see it in its glory and check out the looks on the faces of the bridal party.

Suzanna dispensed a bit of advice during her intro speech at the reception... HAVE LOTS OF SEX because if you have a bond that tight you can get through anything. I had a good laugh at that one. :)


Tammy said...

R --


Love them love the experiment, love the bridal party shot -- your work just keeps getting better and better!

I want to be Rachel when I grow up! :)

andrea said...

you have totally outdone yourself, these are fab.

keep on rockin' rach.