Thursday, August 23, 2007

travel alert, and a DJ recc

I'll be working from Brooklyn next Tuesday-Thursday (August 28-30). So if you're in the NYC area let me know and we'll do some modeling or engagement photo work.

  • If you know the city, I'd welcome suggestions for areas that have a particularly hip, urban feel. (I know... hello entire city!)

  • If any of you have new york based friends who are recently engaged and wanting some photos, please pass along my name.

  • I am also looking for someone to model a wedding or bridesmaid dress in a "fearless" way (read: get dirty in it).

Diana and Micah gave me a great vendor recommendation for those of you indiebrides getting married in the Boston area and still looking for a DJ.

dj BC

Micah writes:
I met him through some friends about a year ago and he appears to be very much in tune with the indie vibe. He spins at The Independent in Somerville every other Friday where it is strictly mash-ups and remixes. He's a talented DJ and producer and an all around great guy.

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Ruthie said...

Right now, the MoMa is exhibiting some of Richard Serra's HUGE sculptural pieces (, which would make for very interesting photos. I was saw them last week while in NYC for work! They were pretty amazing!