Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meghan and Nick

Meghan and Nick are my most analog-intentional clients. They are people who are so real you know that when they say something they really mean it. Living life without constant connection to computers and a cell phone, they both strike me as people who appreciate life's simple beauty in ways that go so far beyond my own sometimes-rushed superficial assessments.

They were gracious to me - their wedding in June came at a time when I was absolutely behind in my work. I wasn't able to give them a selects gallery until recently, and yesterday received words of sincerity from them.

We are absolutely delighted with the photographs on the selects gallery! We were beaming as we relived the day.

I have been thinking about why I love the photos so much (aside from the very obvious fact that they document a day that means the world to us)... I realized that most of the wedding photography I have seen depicts very still, static or posed moments which, although beautiful, don't necessarily reflect the lively motion of most wedding celebrations... that comes across very naturally in yours.

Is it possible that everyone looked that good?!

The detail shots of the church are particularly pleasing -- it's a building that Nick and I know and love so well, so it is wonderful to have them. I was so happy to see that the fine script on the organ stops caught your eye too. I could go on and on, but will stop by saying that we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had you capturing the joy and color of our day.

Meghan and Nick
September 2007

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Robin said...

I'm dying to see our photos...I can only imagine how amazing they are. You've already gotten tons of great responses on the one I have.