Wednesday, September 05, 2007

this makes me laugh

beautiful Nikki just emailed me because she thought I should know that I have a minor cult-like following on a local message board. apparently a few of my clients refer to themselves as "rachel brides."

that makes me laugh, in a good way.



Christie Staples said...

That is so awesome!! I am glad to be one the "rachel brides"!

Meredith said...

Should we make matching T shirts for all the Rachel Brides??

rachel said...

haaaaa! you guys are too funny. and all of your weddings were kind of around the same time. I am thinking of having you all around for a social once you all start making the big bucks and can come look at new posh wedding album samples I have to offer. or we could just meet up for coffee in october. I think that would be soooo amusing.

Christine said...

How awesome is that?!? Your work is amazing, so I'm not surprised at all!