Thursday, September 20, 2007

thrilled. bogged. scared. ready.

When this year was young, I told myself that this is the time for redefining, sharpening, and thoughtfully applying new concepts to my work. I've been investing more time and resource than ever before into classes and training and searching out new ways to do what I do in a way that is even more intensely unique.

This week I've started two classes at New England School of Photography (where I am going to get my @$$ kicked by critique and fashion), and this weekend after Diana and Micah's wedding I am headed off for a few days in my favorite part of NYC (DUMBO) for a workshop with two of my mentor-crushes.

jesh de rox (the most inspiring website you have seen this month!)
angelica glass (sexy, sassy, spunky)

For those of you NYC clients hoping to book a session or consultation, I'm free on Sunday afternoon and Thursday morning... send an email to and I'd be so honored to meet up with you in the most hypersaturated city in the entire world.


Ideagirl said...

OMG -- you're going to JESH's class?! I am SO JEALOUS! please, please share what you least a little? I'm so psyched for you!

You're work is going to EXPLODE!

I'm going to Brianna Graham's next month -- woo hoo!

And I have looked into the NE classes too -- I'll be interested to hear if you like them and how they went...


Robin said...

I miss NYC and I want to take a trip there again. Actually I always wanted to live there.

rachel said...

tammy... don't be jealous! I will share. let's meet up!

robin, I'll see you there on Sunday afternoon. how about 3pm in DUMBO at that amazing chocolate place? ;)