Saturday, September 08, 2007

the tracks

agh - another fun wedding today. wendy and dave, the couple I refer to as my "laid back indie rockers" were married in this little town west of boston called Sherborn. who knew Sherborn even existed? it's one of those places that's only 12 miles from my house but takes about 45 minutes to get to because you have to take route 9. locals know what I mean by that.

wendy and dave were great about being aware of the time and the daylight. since their ceremony was an outdoor 5:30 ceremony, they went straight out with me afterward to get some fun couple alone shots before quick family shots and the sun setting. I lured them out to the railroad tracks I had spotted in my traditional get-there-early-[hot and sweaty]-trek around the venue.

I think it's cool when people are crazy juxtapositions. for instance, Dave and Wendy manage to be both totally laid back and very organized. how do you even do that?! I think it's because her superorganization and his kicked-back personalities balance and supplement one another. isn't it wonderful when two people function as a unit as so much more than the sum of their parts? that's pretty much one of the amazing things I love about this job.

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Greg said...

Hi Rachel,

I just opened my briefcase and found your card. I happened to be in front of my computer so I surfed to your blog. All I can say is WOW!! You've got a great blog - beautifl images. That's a great pic of Wendy & Dave.

I wish I could be so dedicated to write as often as you. :-)

Keep up the great work!1

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