Monday, October 29, 2007


I wanted to show you guys this fantastic moment that my second photographer Jessica captured during the ceremony of Laura and Eric in Sturbridge (complete with lower back sunflare!). I just love the laugh. Blogger kind of messed up the quality of the image, but don't let that be an indication of the quality of the work... I have so many moments like this that make it SO worth the extra expense and effort of having a second photographer. I need to remember to share more photos from my creative and talented second photographers more.

Speaking of second photographers, I'm now taking applications from photographers who want to shoot with me next year. You'd have to get yourself to the Boston area for the gig (if you're not already here), but you have a place to stay during the visit! Email me at if you're interested in learning more.

As a heads-up for clients, I won't really be available between Thanksgiving and Valentine's day, but I am offering a very limited edition "sexy little bride" boudoir/pinup session in mid-January. You know who you are if you need to contact me about that.

Finally, I just wanted to let you all know that I've been working my ass of to get your photos ready before the holidays. XO to my beautiful clients.

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Robin said...

I have a friend who's an amazing photographer and I don't know what kind of time she'd be doing or how much she'd need to be there since she lives in NH but I thought I'd ask about the specifics.