Friday, October 12, 2007

Tibet and Ballroom: date night review

Last night Ali took me out to a Tibetan restaurant in Cambridge's Central Square (red line: central square) and I can't stop thinking about it. It's the best restaurant food I have had in quite a long time... Rangzen (24 Pearl St.).

Even though the restaurant was almost empty on a Thursday night and there didn't seem to be many staff members around, the food was fresh and quickly prepared. The prices are totally affordable, and the staff gave us service that was perfectly attentive without making us feel watched. They just seemed to appear whenever our glass was less than half full.

And don't even get me started on the menu! We made one unfortunate choice on the appetizer platter and ended up with a bunch of heavy fried vegetables, but the salads, soup, and main dishes were soooo good and healthy. I could have chosen about twenty different dishes and been satisfied with any of them.

Please guys... go to Rangzen. So delicious and wonderful.

So every month we go on a date night to a different ethnic restaurant, and we also take an arms' length self portrait. It's kind of funny because his hairstyle and facial hair constantly evolve but I usually look the same. This month I forgot to bring my camera along so we went old school with his Polaroid. This is us unsuccessfully trying to be all emo myspace before our ballroom dance class:

We learned the triple twinkle in foxtrot. Complicated but fun.

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Robin said...

You guys are very cute. I wish we could visit Boston restaurants more but it's just impossible.