Friday, November 16, 2007

featured photographer: Kevin Langevin

Kevin's been working with me all this year. Initially what made him stand out from others wanting to second for me was his prompt, courteous email and professional attitude. He was very open about wanting to learn more about wedding photography and even though Kevin probably has about double the technical skill I have, he always takes feedback and direction with grace and patience. It's been a pleasure to watch his wedding work develop over the year and his eye for detail and moment become more acute.

Here are some photos that Kevin took at Rachel and Roger's seaside wedding. It was a bright sunny day, an amazing location, but challenging for both of us with the harsh midday sun. We loved watching ancient Jewish traditions and current technological know-how intermingle in their family and friends from MIT and Harvard. Talk about intellectual elite!

I like this because it is a very real and natural look on Rachel's face. Kevin got that right after they had walked down the aisle together.

He got this nice moment between the groom's dreadlocked brother and his girlfriend. I think this is beautiful and serene and very, very deep. Look at the light on their faces. Delicious.

Look at all the layers of people hanging out in this photograph! I love Kevin's composition and his eye to capture both the sparkling water and the silhouettes of the wedding guests in various states of being.

These guys seriously love dancing! They were all over that dance floor. Normally I focus on couples and individuals but I like the way Kevin fills the entire frame with crazy dancing joy.

This is another one of those layered silhouette shots. I almost passed by this one without being too interested but it caught my eye upon further inspection. I also like the juxtaposition of the industrial smokestacks with the sunset/wedding thing.

I have to include this one - Kevin caught the bridesmaid playing a trick on the kilted officiant. Not quite sure where she's going with that beautiful Winston Flowers bouquet, but surprisingly he doesn't look too disturbed by it...

This is the perfect opportunity to note that I am thrilled at the opportunity to book a second photographer when I photograph a wedding. We get better coverage (especially if you have a ton of guests or know there will be a crazy dance floor), I get to rest more and not feel like I am missing something, and I am freed up to be more creative with my own shots because I am not just trying to check off the list. I encourage each artist to put his or her own slant on the day so that we can blend our two sets of images into an interesting and beautiful collection. If you're on the fence about whether or not to invest in the services of a second photographer, I encourage you to seriously consider the additional perspective. You will not regret it!

All images in this post copyright 2007 Kevin Langevin Photography. Used with permission.

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Robin said...

He's great, a very natural style.