Monday, December 03, 2007

ethnic music performances

As a prior music performance major and someone who has a vivid interest in other cultures, I have been so blessed to see two different music and dance presentations... and I have only been here for four days! Hula seems to be a little bit controversial because it originated as a sacred dance (thus I've been told that you're not supposed to really photograph it) but now in some tourist-focused places has become sort of exploitative entertainment.

I got to see an excellently talented group called the Ilima Hula Studio perform at a company party on Friday night. I can't post photos here because it was a paid gig I shot for another photographer, but I am so glad that I got to see the dances performed so beautifully.

This afternoon I went to a UH-Manoa University presentation by the students in the ethnic music and dance classes. It was really interesting to hear music from around the world and see the hard work they put into learning the intense dances. Here are two of my favorite photos from the performance.

That last photo is from the Maori group. Their songs made my heart move!

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