Monday, January 14, 2008

badasses in love.

There is something so wonderful and tender about badasses in love.
I joined Honolulu's punk rock destination wedding photographer Marina Miller
in a day after session for her clients Sarah and Fernando. After experiencing Honolulu's 5:00 rush hour traffic, we all met up downtown and eventually ended in my very favorite chinatown. These two were so casual and cool - it was raining on and off and we all got soaked, they had just worked a full day's work... and they were still up for the session without complaint.

I have to tell you something I do NOT like about Hawaii. They have these weird laws about pedestrians in the street. You can only walk in the crosswalks, when the walk signal is on. You can seriously get ticketed if you jaywalk or do not wait for the signal. They enforce this so much everyone who lives out there is really nervous to stand in the street, even if there are no cars around. I did hear that pedestrian deaths are tragically common there so at least there's a reason, but.... weird. I have never been someplace where badasses were nervous about stepping into the street. But I digress.

I have to admit it.... I love tattoos in a way that belies my somewhat prudish Sunday School childhood. I don't have any interest in getting my own, but I really like them. Sarah's Sanrio-inspired ink is a peek into her Japanese cultural ties.

And of course you guys know I had to throw in a passerby photo. There are truly all kinds of people in Honolulu!

[ more photos here ]


Marina said...

the top shot is just perfection!!!!

i love the colors and how the bokeh makes them POP!


Robin said...

Amazing couple and I love love the hello kitty tattoo.