Sunday, January 20, 2008

big giant bridal session

Ok, so I am getting pretty excited about an idea inspired by a movie. A friend and I are watching the movie "the Bachelor" and I love the scene at the end where they have taken out a front page ad in the paper to get a woman to marry Jimmie for a million dollars and hundreds of women show up in their wedding dresses and then end up chasing him down.

Sooo..... some colleagues and I are putting together a GIANT fearless bridal session where we get as many women as we can find to come out for a cool photographic event. We're currently talking about mid-April in Boston.

So mark your calendars, dear ones, and start convincing your friends, relatives, and every single woman you know of why she needs to be a part of this amazing event.



Robin said...

Haha! Awesome!

k-bomb said...

Would you consider flying out an old friend? Say she lives in Albuquerque! I got it...just change the location to the South West:)
Sounds cool, wish I could be there!

rachel said...

you can fly us out to photograph you in the southwest!!