Friday, January 11, 2008

honeymoon destination :: Domenica!

I just got the best message from Josh & Ben's mother Karen. She mentions a place that may be worth considering for your honeymoon destination....

Rachel, Hi--

I am the mother of Josh & Ben, now blessed with Becky as daughter-in-law. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful loving images first at the wedding and then in Hawaii. I can't begin to tell you the joy I feel from your pictures which so beautifully catch their love and happiness.

I would like to draw your attention too to the island of Dominica (not Dominican Republic) which has mountain to mountain, coast to coast, drop-dead gorgeous natural scenery and a just beginning wedding-tourism "industry." There may be good opportunity here for further development of your art. You could ask Becky & Josh what they think as I am known to be biased.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to thank you and pass on to you the happiness that your work is bringing and wish you the very best of success in your career and joy in your life.

All best wishes,

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Marina said...

may i come too?


rachel said...