Thursday, January 31, 2008

favorite hawaii moment.

I know exactly which moment of the three weeks in hawaii was my favorite memory. it was in a farmers' market in hilo, big island. I was excited about this market especially because it was the first of the many I visited that seemed priced for locals -- not as much of the "tourist pricing" and more of everyone doing their weekly shopping and shooting the breeze. there was a guy at the end of the covered area who had a huge clump of coconuts -- I was surprised they were green and fleshy since all I knew was brown, hard, and hairy.... and he had this old-school machete and big muscles and was working his ass off just to make a dollar for shaping a coconut into a drinkable vessel.

I loved that. I remember sipping on that coconut all day, trying to get the soft flesh out with the flimsy straw, just happy that a relaxing morning had been topped off with a sweet moment.

I also love this because the photo is exactly how it was. the sun was coming in on one side, creating shadows. it was kind of dark, but pleasantly so. this image transports me back to that delicious moment.

I hope that's what your wedding photos do, too.

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