Thursday, January 03, 2008

Melissa and Jordan

Yesterday I had a chance to shoot a wedding with Sacramento's Sarah Maren. After the Mormon Temple wedding we took Melissa and Jordan off to an old gold miner town and did some bridals.

Mormon wedding dresses have to be modest and have sleeves... Melissa had to go to Utah to find one that she liked!

Old gold miner town.

It's really fun and inspiring to spend time working with other wedding photographers and compare notes. Sarah has a ton of energy and keeps everyone laughing and moving.

As a second shooter I have a lot more freedom to take random artsy shots... and also the challenge to always see something in the alternate angle from what the main photographer is doing.

[ my 19 favorite images here ]


Robin said...

You really are a diverse wedding photographer...glad you have a blog so I can read all about your adventures.

Sarah Maren Whitehead said...

Rachel these are amazing! Thank you so much again for coming and hanging out with me! You are just wonderful!!! I can't wait to see you again, and the rest of your stunning images!