Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what's new in 2008?

I am really excited to have an opportunity to try out some new techniques this year. My current packages feature a second photographer add-on, which will allow for some time to play with a holga and get some crazy funky photos - and also to do a photobooth type corner at the reception where you send all of your friends and family over for any photos they want to take together. A different add-on is a second photographer who will take basic videography and put together a funky fresh best-of selection DVD to share with your family.

I can't wait!


k-bomb said...

holga sounds like a big German woman. But looks like fun!

rachel said...

haha!! it's actually a pretty inexpensive little toy camera but with the right eye you can get some hot little photos. and it's in square format, which I love.