Sunday, February 03, 2008

house party

This weekend I was actually part of a wedding in Dallas. My friend and former flatmate Elizabeth was married... she's such an intentional person and has made friends from around the world that her wedding was one for which people traveled. She had a huge european and british contingent! I love that.

For the wedding I was part of the house party, a tradition I have gathered is a mostly southern and texan thing, where a girl has a million friends and wants many of them to be a part of the service without having too many bridesmaids running around. we all wore whatever dress we wanted and had our own little procession up the aisle.

I have to admit, it was difficult to "turn it off" for the wedding. I couldn't not bring it. I tried to be respectful of the photographer and not be the annoying guest with a camera (and believe me - every single wedding has one) and for the most part I succeeded. I was proud of myself.

The image above is hilarious to me. It was at the reception, after the receiving line before the desserts, and I had waited a long time to get a chance to say hello and get a photo with her. And just as I got to her this random man swooped in and grabbed her for a hug! So she's smiling for my camera and hugging him at the same time. So funny.

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micah said...

I love the self portrait in the mirror. You can see the focus and intensity that you bring to the table. Awesome!