Thursday, February 14, 2008

unforgettable (II)

Here's the image Leigh and Rob loved the most from their wedding back on September 23, 2006. One of my first weddings!

I still vividly remember meeting up with L & R at a Starbucks in downtown Boston that I had come to know as 'my' starbucks. I was rushing to our meeting after my daytime job at MIT, and I was wearing work clothes... a skirt and nice top... with my black Chaco sandals. I remember Rob both knew that I was coming from my job (I was not volunteering that info at the time because some people think it's bad if you don't do photography full-time) and he knew about Chacos, and loved me for both reasons.

I also vividly remember their wedding. Leigh and Rob are people who are just so filled with love for one another and their friends and family... the day was filled with the kind of emotional energy of a magnitude I have only experienced a few times in my career as a photographer.

Gwyn and I had so much fun with Leigh and Rob and their entire bridal party! They wanted to go out to the beach for photos and they stood on the rocks for us and one of the bridesmaids even fell in the water. Leigh was so cool; we were hiking her really beautiful beaded dress up with Gwyn's hair scrunchie in a way only DIY-happy people could appreciate. The wind was fierce and their feet got dirty but they were so happy and in love and cool and up for anything... let's just say G and I have a very special place in our hearts and our beginning wedding photography careers for these two.

Here's why they love the image above: "Because it was taken on the rocks at the beach, with our wedding party right behind us (literally and metaphorically :). It was taken after the stress of the ceremony, before the celebration of the reception. Because it's a little windy, very natural, very real. It's just wonderful, and the most meaningful. We love it."

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gwyneth colleen said...

yes. looove leigh and rob.