Tuesday, March 11, 2008

olive tree: athens

honeymoon update
we've been in crete for the last four days. everything is closed due to some kind of religious-pagan carnival (think mardi gras but with religious restrictions on serving meat) so all the stores, many restaurants, and most tourist destinations are just plain closed. basically every day we walk around and have little adventures, which if you know ali and I is exactly what we do best.
I like being in a place where you can't understand what anyone is saying or what the signs say. it puts a sort of hyper focus on the sights and on one another without distractions. I can't even find an english magazine here!

tonight we take another overnight ferry back to athens for one more night... then back to Boston and real life. both of us are kind of ready to go back but not looking forward to the daily non-honeymoon that awaits.

the photo above is an olive branch outside the church of the holy apostles near the parthenon.

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k-bomb said...

that reminds me of when I went to Nice while in Luxembourg during carnival. The only time that we had fun was at the end when the big parade was going on. I can't even remember the names of the people I went with. We went to Barcelona first...were you on that trip and then did you go to Morocco with Erin, Billy and James? Does this sound familiar?