Monday, June 19, 2006

what's it like to be a freelance photographer in new england?

when I moved to Boston from southern California, I knew that I wanted to be more intentional about photographing children, families, and major life events.

I do a lot of thinking while commuting -- there's something about public transportation and people of different backgrounds sharing common space that I find really inspiring. one day as I was taking the T from BU where I worked in the study abroad office to downtown Boston, where I was going to meet a friend, it occurred to me that my photographic work reflects my lifestyle... chasing quality of life from an urban perspective. finding the beautiful in what could otherwise seem forgettable - weeds growing up through sidewalk cracks, or an old woman sitting in the park talking to herself about current world events. decent lifestyle is finding affordable fresh produce in the city and enjoying the sights without needing the salary of those who work in its downtown.

decent urban lifestyle is my attempt to communicate the gritty and the glorious, the artful and the inspiring, in images that will help you remember life at this moment, at its finest.

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