Sunday, July 02, 2006

MIT is for Lovers

On Friday afternoon I met Brad and Alice at the MIT chapel where their wedding service will take place later this month. They heard about me through one of their bridesmaids, who attended Tina and Joe's wedding at Highrock in early May. (Her beautiful redheaded daughter captured the attention of both Rick and I as we photographed the guests.)

When I noticed Brad's casual attire, I knew we were in for a fun time.

We shot in some different scenic spots around campus. My favorite photos from the session were done in Killian Court, the grassy green area that used to serve as the front end of campus before there was a bridge between Boston and Cambridge. Now its lawns are kept under excellent care for the big event of the year -- June's Commencement ceremony (when we arrived, the ground was still torn up from where they recently removed the the stage).

Alice and Brad are a very intriguing couple. He's an air force guy who is quite talented in all forms of dance (except ballet). She recently attended a star wars convention for her public debut as a tap-dancing storm trooper. They're fun-loving and brilliant, which is an excellent combination. As you can see in the image above, her hair posed a slight creative challenge as the wind gusted it about. The spontanaiety of the image above still wins me, which is why I chose that from the set to represent these two individuals. They're just fun.

I'm looking forward to photographing their wedding in a few weeks. Apparently, her gown (a score from the annual Filene's basement bridal sale) makes her feel like a Spanish princess.

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