Monday, September 04, 2006

add-on photography

Saturday I was hired to assist photographer Erica Pelaccia for Becky & Ellis' wedding out at Westgate Church in Weston, Massachusetts. Because I was only supplementing her work, I got there just before the ceremony started and then only stayed with them through family and bridal party shots. In addition to being less exhausting because it's so much less time, I was able to go around and take candids while Erica handled the large group shots.

For the couple photos and the bridal party photographs, we went out to the super-charming Regis College campus. Because the weather was so moody and the students had just barely arrived back on campus, the place was all ours with a little castle building, sweeping green lawns, stone statues, and wide inviting stairs.

One of the themes they were emphasizing has to do with Ellis' Scottish roots. A surprise bagpiper walked them out of the ceremony and led them out of the church.

Something special about the wedding is that it was held at the church Becky grew up in, with her father (who is a pastor) officiating. The emotion was tangible as the three sisters and brothers on both sides stood up and watched their loved ones become one.

Another wonderful thing about the day is that though the skies were ominous, the rain held off so we could do some beautiful family and group shots. Photos are always so much nicer outdoors. It makes a big difference.

These two are just beautiful people. A pleasure to photograph.

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