Tuesday, August 22, 2006

so much to do, it's difficult to stop and write about it

Life has been full with different photo adventures in the last few weeks. During the past two weekends I took personal trips: the first to a resort place in New Hampshire to kick back with hiking and canoeing, and the most recent to George's Island (one of Boston's many harbor islands).

Last Monday I spent some time with Aaron, Kim, Ruby, and Jake. They are making the trek out of their house in South Boston into the suburbs and wanted to capture life before all of their things were boxed up. A point of particular interest was the kids' morning routine.

So I got up verrrry early and worked with them from 7:30-9:30am. During those two hours, I photographed the kids eating breakfast, getting dressed, cuddling with parents, and playing imaginative games involving lions, monkeys, and mermaids. The kids are just loaded with personality and the parents are the kind of people you would want to entrust with all of your secrets.

On Thursday of last week I met Hannah and Todd at the esplanade, near Boston's hatch shell. They wanted to get some engagement photos done next to the Charles. At first when I saw how nicely they were dressed, and how his tie and suit jacket looked so serious, I was a little worried. But I had nothing to fear - these two were a lot of fun to work with.

As usual, there was a certain "warm up" time where they got used to me with a camera in their face, and I learned about their personalities... and what it would take to get natural portraits. After we did a few poses, Todd came out of his shell and his funny side came out. Hannah was all-around a beauty.

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