Sunday, September 10, 2006

completely and utterly charmed

Yesterday I went out to New Hampshire to photograph the wedding of Stuart and Sheri. As our conversations had been completely through email, I didn't know who or what to expect. I did know some of the background... Sheri lived every American college girl's dream by falling in love with a nice British man when she was doing study abroad. After years of long-distance life and going through the visa process, they were married on September 9, 2006 at a little inn in Exeter.

Their wedding ceremony was small and intimate, mostly family with a few good friends; no acquaintances awkwardly invited or crowds of people competing for a few seconds of the couple's time. Though their parents were meeting for the first time on this occasion, they had ironed out all of the introductions at what sounded like a roaring party the night before.

(in case it is not obvious, pictured here are his grandparents)

I have to say that I found everybody at that wedding simply marvelous. And it wasn't just the British accents or the woman with the amazingly large lime green hat or her husband with the cowboy boots and snakeskin boots. These are good people who made me as a photographer feel right at home.

I didn't try to get the Brits to do a jump shot, but I did let Sheri's friends do it as an optional image.

Overall, though I was only there for two hours, I was completely charmed by this entire wedding entourage!

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