Sunday, September 17, 2006

my first set of retakes

After our charming but strangely lit session of last month, I wanted to offer Hannah and Todd a chance to re-take some of the shots. I wasn't happy with the amount of likeable images in the first batch due (I like to offer a selection of at least 50 strong images and 5 or 10 that are guaranteed to win hearts). Hannah and Todd agreed, and we did a re-shoot on the streets of Boston's North End, which is the Italian section of the city (best known for Mike's Pastries, but consisting of oh-so-much-more-than-that!). We like the narrow European streets, cobblestone and brick, and the colorful window boxes.

It was fun to meet up with them a second time. I noticed that both became significantly more comfortable with the camera and me as a photographer, and we were able to talk very honestly about what looks good and what does not in a photograph. For me, it reinforced the importance of having a pre-wedding photo session with clients. I want the images on the day of the wedding to be as natural and easy as possible.

My favorite of the session were some simple red walls we used as a background.

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