Saturday, October 21, 2006

busy. but good busy.

Things have been busy here at decent urban lifestyle photography! We've been trying to make the most of the gorgeous fall peak while dodging rainy days. When the sun is out, things are beautiful and perfect and the photos look fantastic with hints of foliage and a slight rosy glow to peoples' cheeks...

Today was one of those perfect days. I started out with a session with Rima and Dave, one of the couples who took advantage of my October engagement special. We had a great time in Cambridge's Central Square! Here's my favorite outtake:

One neat thing about being a people-photographer is that almost every week it feels like I make new and interesting friends. I know that might sound strange, especially since I am spending less than two hours (photo session) or even as little as thirty minutes (meeting to discuss wedding photography) with the person or couple. Even in this short amount of time as we have the initial conversations about employment, childhood geography, etc. I am continually amazed by the diversity and interestingness of the people who are drawn to my work. I love it! I hope that wedding clients keep me posted as the years go by and they take their interestingness through Boston and beyond.

I was thinking about it today, in some conversations with people who affirmed that the experience of being photographed wasn't as 'bad' as they expected. I hear this a lot. I think people get really discouraged and hyper self-critical with photos most of the time. If the photographer can get them to loosen up, they start having fun and look so natural and beautiful. One of the ways I do this is to have couples make a series of silly faces. If a couple is pretty stiff I make them keep doing it until they laugh. And the result is not only some hilarious outtakes, but the photos immediately following are glimpses into their souls. It's like once people step over the fear that someone might look at them, or they might look stupid, the real beauty comes out.

The other thing people tell me a lot is that they had a fun time when we were working together. I love this photo from my session this afternoon:

Mary thought she was not going to look good in the photos. Either she was being modest or she was just wrong. We walked out of today with some stunning headshots she can use personally or professionally.

I like this particular one, but there's an entire set where she looks fantastic.

I have a fun job.

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