Saturday, January 06, 2007

first wedding for 2007

I was delighted when I met with chef-acquaintance Karen (who of course draws comic books on the side) and she informed me that she would marry Ben, an MIT professor (who of course studied at both Harvard and Yale) in early January. Since the very last and very first months of each year are far less popular with new england couples, I have had plenty of rest since my last wedding in late October. This meant coming at the work with a fresh perspective and energy.

The wedding was simple, uncomplicated, and beautiful. Aside from a bowtie fiasco involving the father of the bride (when they mentioned that I might not want to document that I promised they would laugh about it in ten years) Gwyneth and I enjoyed the elegant taste that Karen and Ben showed through the details of the day. Flowers, cake, food, decorations. Everything was there, but didn't take our attention away from this couple who had actually met on the steps of the church and had bonded over many hours in the kitchen serving and cleaning for large groups of people.

Beautiful in a different way was the quiet minutes after most people had left, when a few were still around cleaning things up. I grabbed Mark and Serena, acquaintance-friends of mine whom I absolutely love to photograph. Outside the church, on a main street in Arlington, I used them as my models in the soft late dusk light.

I can't wait for more weddings!

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