Sunday, January 07, 2007

Karen and Ben

While I am not yet ready to show a full selects gallery for yesterday's wedding, I have to say once again how lucky I feel to have had such a great couple for my first clients of the year.

I have been truly blessed to have somehow attracted interesting, funky, talented, brilliant people (who bring with them interesting, funky, talented, and brilliant friends and families). Don't ask me how I find such great couples, because I'll be the first to admit that at times I can be a bit of a dork myself! How many other photographers do you see requesting large Korean families to jump together onstage at the front of a church? Or enticing any wedding passerby to pose in front of the brilliantly blue door? Yeah. I thought so.

Before the wedding we always ask clients how aggressive they want us to be during the vows and ceremony. Some people want us to be right up there, flashing away, to get every moment captured. Others don't want to know we're there at all. For those who don't have a strong preference, we try to be as close as we can without being noticed, and flash as little as possible. Afternoon and morning weddings with bountiful natural light certainly helps us to be unobtrusive! Highrock church is a great venue and allows us to do our work without standing in the middle aisle, which is a pet peeve of mine.

The ceremony and tea took place at Highrock Church in Arlington, MA. The details were simple and fresh. Lovely, bright flowers and tasty food. The men wore classy long coats with tails (a "morning jacket" I think is the Harvard term for it) and the women wore pink. Karen's dress and tiara were lovingly sought in Taiwan by Karen's mother, who emailed photos of the many dress options for Karen to consider from her home in Boston.

The people were wonderful. Bridesmaids Bernice, Esther, and Grace are all beautiful and strong and interesting. Groomsmen Mark, George, and Moses were fun and serious and smart. They were great to work with for group photos -- I only wish we had more time!

If I could go back in time and change one thing about the day, I would have built more time previous to the ceremony for photos with Karen and Ben, and possibly their families. I ask couples for a solid 20-30 minutes with just them in order to bring out a really nice set of portraits. With a quick reception in the afternoon, it's no fun to hold the wedding party for poses when they should be out schmoozing with the guests! Regardless of the slight time crunch, I am so excited to go through all of the images this week. It was a good wedding.

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