Tuesday, March 27, 2007

client feedback

I am just now finishing up packing -- I have to leave the house by 6:00am tomorrow to catch my plane to southern california. I think every wedding photographer should have at least one california wedding every year. It's like working on another planet.

I wanted to share some feedback from recent clients. Hearing back after I have worked for someone is always nice; it is good to know that I am delivering a great product and that really keeps us going when the back end of this job gets tedious. I should know -- I just finished several intense days of editing... that's definitely not the fun part.

Anyway, here's a message from Laurie, whose new son Dylan I photographed the weekend of that recent, random snowstorm.

"Thanks SO much for schlepping out here on Saturday, esp. in that crappy weather-- it was FUN!"

Her son has to be the most expressive newborn I have met, yet. His photo expressions range from champion of the world to crying baby drama, and he even flashed the occasional gang sign. Here's just one of his adorable looks, and you can click on the image to see a few more...

I refer to this one as "in the pocket of a giant"

Here is a message from Angie, who recently had the most amazing 50th birthday party one could ever imagine:

"I am getting lots of feedback on how great you are. I can't thank you enough. "

Finally, a recent email from our March 10th bride, Amy:

"Wow! You're awesome! We're excited to see them - everyone we've sent the links to the photos are really impressed - people are asking me where we found you to take the photos, how you can make everyone look so good, and generally just commenting that your work does a wonderful job of staying away from the typical wedding photo stuff while still capturing the essence of everything that was going on...

"A couple times people have said things like 'god you look so good in these photos... not that you don't really, I mean... but these photos could be in a magazine...' and digging themselves deeper...

"The photography is one of the few things we actually have to look back on and remember everyone who we got to share this with, so it's just so valuable to us - Thank you for doing so much work and surpassing our already high expectations! (expect a call from us when we're expecting our first kid!)

"Thank you Thank you- if you ever need someone to give you rave reviews, we're the people to call -"

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