Sunday, March 11, 2007

kickin' it up...

we're kicking it up a notch this year with weddings...
  • we love our clients
  • we get to travel to many different venues
  • we're expanding outside our original boundaries, taking it to Indiana, California, and Texas for weddings (I even have a tentatively scheduled trip to NEPAL this summer).
  • we are consistently booked throughout the year, mostly through word-of-mouth recommendations
  • did I mention that we love our clients?

I just got done backing up the image files from today's wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, a fun venue. Even though it was COLD outside, we got some pretty amazing photos with the wedding party before the wedding. I wish every couple would let us photograph them before the ceremony!! And Amy and Jeff did a great job shaking up the traditional wedding ceremony to have a personalized, personality-saturated wedding day.

I want every wedding this year to be filled with images like this one, with vibrant colors and wonderful personalities:

[sister of the bride]

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