Monday, March 19, 2007

Rachel - who is "we"?

Chrissa, a bride who might have CROQUET at her upcoming wedding, just asked a great question. Who is the "we" of decent urban weddings? Do we contract out jobs? Can she see some work by the person who will be working with her?

This is a very astute question, especially considering the many wedding photography studios who will meet with you, show you amazing albums and thousand dollar websites, charge you really obnoxious "all-inclusive" or "gold star package" rates, and then send you someone they subcontract through Craigslist for a couple hundred dollars.

That's not us.

Basically, "we" are two freelance photographers who have the same vision for what wedding photography can and should be (fun, professional, affordable, creative, flattering, spontaneous, colorful, and intentional) and love people. We have worked together extensively over the past year and together developed a streamlined approach to wedding photography. We try to get you as many creative photos as we can quickly and affordably... we do work with other colleagues as needed (due to the volume of our requests we have to split up sometimes) but also work together as much as possible.

Gwyneth is my headliner. She's the one who I would hire to photograph my own wedding if I was going to choose one photographer. She does excellent and professional work. Here are three sample galleries for you to love on her fabulousness:

Danica & Shinji

Karen & Ben
Amy & Jeff

So... never fear, Chrissa and other indiebrides out there! You give us the reins and you'll get your amazing wedding photos that drip so much with your personality and sense of style that you'll find yourself flipping through the galleries over and over and over again, laughing and admiring your handsome new husband! (If only they dressed that well and smelled that good all the time...)

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