Saturday, April 21, 2007

april wedding

Today's New Hampshire wedding was a dream. The venue was cool, the weather was great, the people were laid back and rocked the dance floor. We had natural light available all day. We (newly acquainted Meredith, Kevin, and I) made friends with the very cool bartender David who made sure we were fed and watered all day long.

I'm exhausted though. Three hour drive times two, plus seven working hours equals TIREDNESS. At least I wasn't the one wearing a beaded poofy gown, though.

Here's Melinda, a legal assist who works in Manhattan. Her mom knit the veil! And she and the bridesmaids did the flowers themselves. Looked really good.

New Hampshire is quite different from Boston.
And also, we made an inadvertent side visit to Maine. Oops.

There's a photo from one of the day's favorite moments, when the auntie from Las Vegas who was also holding one of the videocameras started busting out with "It's Raining Men." I would LOVE to watch that clip from the video, with everyone dancing and her voiceover singing the lyrics. So great.

All in all, great people plus great venue plus dancing and natural light equals magic. Oh, and the mountain backdrop didn't hurt anything either.

Finally, something to stay with you:

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Robin said...

Sounds amazing, love the shot of the bowl of chocolates.